i find it all a different story


off the record….

Location: somewhere where they edit videos ( any type of video..music, cinema, straight to DVD, self made short)

Dude 1: ** inhales from bong**…why don’t we have a big show of fireworks in a black background…** coughs**

Dude 2:  ** Passes bong from dude 1 to dude 3**….yeah and then cut in with dancing girls wearing firework patterned swim suits on a white back ground….

Dude 3: lets make sure its all in good with the music too…..** Inhales from bong and starts laughing**

3 months later: Video Release Day!!! 


Majority of Audience: Oh, that video was pretty cool, the fire work scene was legit….

Self proclaimed super fans: Oh EEEEMMM geese, ok so they had the black back drop because someone somewhere close to the editor guy had just passed away, the fireworks were in homage to that persons life, and the finale of the firework scene, is a symbol of life and death  and how we are all just a flicker in life and in time both at the same time…..it gets me emotional :’)!!!!!!!!!!

Conspiracy theorists: ok so they did the whole fireworks show to create the subliminal images of triangles and shapes * points to freeze frame* HERE, HERE, and HERE …. the girls  in the bathing suits in the white back drop symbolize purity and how it can all be corrupted with the darkness of the firework show back drop. Its supposed to be a pledge video showing the members of the elite super group the ilumanati  that they want in…..DONT WATCH THAT VIDEO 

** secretly has it on favorites bar**


Reporter: so what drew the inspiration for this?

** Dudes1-3 look at each other with blank eyes, then agree on response silently**

Dude 1: Well, it was kind of a personal thing going on at the time…it all kind of just came together…runs hands through hair….

Dude 2: Yeah, man it was something we ll had kind of just thought about and wanted to offer to the fans ** smiles and winks ***

Dude 3: We’re just glad it all worked out and had great reception….** coughs**

Me at home: ** I wonder how it all really happens***



I want to be an inspiration. I want to fire the passion of a lyric, a verse, a letter, a feeling. I want someone to wonder about the depths of my soul, the fire that breaths in me, the life that I hold. Someone to dig and explain al the  being that I am. Whether its ugly, whether its untamed or not what was expected. I want to be someone’s rush. Don’t you know I’m drowning in this feeling. Its so selfish to discover this in me. I have never been more than a quiet thought, but now, I should wish to fulfill this task on my own, then I would  really be able to say, I’m the girl in that memory, in that sentiment, in that verse. 


WORTH SEEING: Street drumming at its very finest. GIVE HIM ALL OF THE MONEY!

the pigeon at 0:38 in the background, walking to the beat….impressive.

Free Write 1

There is no string 

but we are tied

There is silence across our distance

but I can hear your beat

There is no storm 

but is stirring inside me


I’m not gonna make it as a writer. I can feel it.

Lets sk a co op…you write something …then ill write something then we can build it together.


I went to a party excited.

I came back home sad.

There are way too many thoughts in my head.

All of them important

I think

but I can’t seem to focus on one

I should just sleep

and stay away from alcohol next time

wtf tho I didn’t even drink that much

Its because you love me lol